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When considering an auto auction company to handle your auto auction shipping. It is a mistake to base your decision solely on “the best price possible“. While cost is an important factor in any decision. The fact is that cross country vehicle and auto shipping, as well as car hauling in general, is a very competitive industry. Thus, Elite Auto Shipping will AUTOMATICALLY be quoting you a price that is ultra competitive.

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Auto Auction Shipping and Transport

You have a vehicle or several vehicles that you would like to auction but have no way of getting them there. Elite Auto Shipping can help. We are well experienced in auto shipping. Perhaps you have been given the responsibility of auctioning off a family vehicle. Why not let Elite Auto Shipping provide you auto auction shipping? We provide safe and reliable auto transport for auctions so that your vehicle will get to the auction in the condition it left.

Beyond price, you need to also consider the quality of the trucks being used to ship. The quality of the insurance coverage the trucks are carrying, and the time it’s going to take to deliver your vehicle. Elite Auto Shipping services ALL auto auctions, including Adesa, CoPart, IAAI, and Manheim. We all know how challenging it can be to find a reliable service oriented auto transporter to ship your cars or trucks. Here at Elite Auto Shipping, you will be able to speak with people that have been in this business for decades. We are dedicated to ensuring on time deliveries, great customer service, and some of the lowest rates in the country. We can ship cars of all types. Compact cars, sedans,and trucks. We also ship non running vehicles as well. Call 800.690.2085 or fill out our FREE QUOTE today!

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