Auto Transport Discounts & Savings

Military Auto Transport Discounts

Elite Auto Shipping is an avid supporter of its community by giving back to the people who serve it the most. We want to honor our military and veterans. That is why we are extending the auto transport discounts and savings program to the Armed Services. If you are on Active Duty, retired from the Military, member of the Reserves, or a member of the National Guard. You are instantly qualified for a discount. Not only does Elite recognize the people who serve overseas, but also honors the ones at our front door. This means we have applied our auto transport discount program to all Firefighters,Police Officers, and EMS Personnel.

Elite Auto Shipping is committed to helping those who have dedicated themselves to serving our nation,  and keeping the United States and its citizens safe. We thank you for serving us and are ready to serve you when it comes to your next transportation need.

Vehicle Processing Centers we ship from and to

Car Shipping Discounts for Students

Elite also invests in the next generation. If you are a new student or recent graduate, please think of Elite as your first step to success. Whether moving back home or to that recently acquired position. You are instantly qualified for a auto transport discounts to ship your car.  At Elite Auto Shipping, we know the hard work that is involved in pursuing higher education. We are proud of you for doing so. For that very reason, we want to help you when it comes to your transportation needs.
(You will be asked for student id or proof of school enrollment to receive discounts)

Refer-a-Friend for Auto Transport Discounts

Make sure your friends and family enjoy the same level of service you did. Refer a friend or a family member to Elite Auto Shipping, and receive a $50 check if the referral is booked with EAS. Call us today to find out more and book your auto transport!

*The above mentioned auto transport discounts cannot be combined. One auto transport discounts offer per customer.